Write a 200-500 word minimum, proper grammar and spelling essay answering the prompt “Freedom or Determinism?”


our professor tasks you with coming up with one interesting short-answer examination question for each of the week’s readings. As there are 7 readings, you will have to write 7 philosophically interesting questions that require the students to engage with the material dynamically (Do not simply ask: “What is determinism?” or similar). 

Each question must be unique (do not simply copy questions from the summaries in the textbook) and should be designed for a response length of one to two paragraphs. 

Assignment: Write your 7 interesting philosophical questions below and answer any two of them.  

1.Scientific inquiry

2. Anti-scientism

3.Conjunctures and Refutations

4.Free will

5.Free will and determinism

6.Freedom or Determinism? 

7.Principle of Alternate Possibilities 

Required: 200-500 word minimum, proper grammar, spelling, and answering the questions/prompt as closely as you can. Points are taken off for obvious last-minute superficial commentary, not answering the specific questions posed, not following directions, too short length, as well as spelling and grammar issues.