What social interactions, either at work, in volunteer situations, or with family, have shaped my beliefs?


Respond to each question below with a brief paragraph. Offer specific examples, rather than vague, general statements. There is no right or wrong answers to this assignment. However, thoughtfulness and thoroughness do count. Please write professionally (spellcheck, good grammar, etc.)

Think about your own social context and social interactions. Answer the following questions. Use specific examples to illustrate your points. Write thoughtfully and professionally. A brief paragraph per question will be sufficient (no more than a page total if possible).

1.  What social interactions, either at work, in volunteer situations, or with family, have shaped my beliefs?

2.  When my beliefs have changed, why did this happen?

3.  When I look back on my learning experiences, how have friends or my community helped or hindered my understanding of the world?

4.  Do I have any regrets about how I either connected or did not connect with a social network at work, in my family, volunteering or the community? Note: The refers to social networking in general, not Internet social media such as Facebook.

5.  Describe an example of someone you consider to interact ideally with others. How close are you to living up to this example? (Please consider someone who is a learner, who has had learning experiences, rather than a somewhat more classic example like your mother, your father or Jesus.)

6.  In looking at the individual you described in question 5, where are they in terms of Kegan & Lahey’s work (socialized, self-authoring, or self-transformative) and why?


1.  Analyze previous experiences using conceptual frameworks for reflection.

2.  Identify social influences and community relationships that shaped your reactions to past experience.

3.  Document ethical or theoretical frameworks that influence your decision making and actions.

4.  Evaluate your own self-awareness, using theoretical frameworks for reflection.

5.  Critique your own value systems vis-à-vis other value systems that they have confronted.

Your paper should be double-spaced and include a centered title. Any sources used should be properly cited.

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