Tort Law


Through your readings under Unit 3 write an essay on Tort Law. This would be something that was thought-provoking that you wanted to know more.

This will be in the form of an essay paper. The 1st page is the Title page, 2 pages content, 12 pt. font, the last page will be a reference page for outside sources.

APA style formatting is required. Because this is on the reading material, proper citation within the essay and a work citation is required. A proper APA header or title page is required.

If you turn in any paper without your name on it, it will be a “0” until it is fixed. Then 5 points will be taken off after the correction.

You will be graded on professionalism: proper grammar, spelling, citations, sources, good organization, readability.

Do NOT cite Wikipedia because it is not a vetted source.

This is based on the readings so there should be a resource page – See Purdue Owlfor formatting guidelines.

Saylor Academy. (2012a, June 26). BUS205: “Business Law” [Video]. YouTube.

Source: Saylor Academy

This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (Links to an external site.).

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