The Record Player Essay


The Record Player

The record player is the object that changed the way we listen to music. The introduction of the record player changed music history as it allowed people to listen to music in the comfort of their homes. With the introduction of the record player, people did not have to go out anymore to listen to live music as they used to do occasionally. The record players did not only bring music to the people who owned it, but it also enabled them to listen to music more often currently, people continue to purchase the record player, despite the invention of technologically advanced ways of listening to music. Listening to music from a record player is considered more than just listening to music. Possession of the record player was and is still considered as the hallmark of coolness while interaction with, and operating the object is considered romantic.

The invention of the record player brought a change to how people relate to music. The history of the record player in intertwined, whether the history of music. The first record player, which was also known as the phonograph, was invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. The player could play and record sounds by the use of tinfoil that was covered in cardboard for playback. The modification was later done by alexander graham, where the new plater would record waves of sound. The newly developed model was known as the graphophone. The improvement was also made by Emilee Berliner, where we finally ended with what came to be known as the record player. There was the mass production of the record player by 1895, as it became very popular before the radio was introduced (Clapton, 2020).

There has been much advancement in the way people listen to music with the development of technological devices such as the home theatre, the woofer and the blue tooth devices. However, the record player, which was very popular more than four decades ago, is making a comeback. The development of the record player started with the desire to make a study the sound waves. The innovations and advanced led to an instrument that could record and play sound. The player became very popular in the 1960s and the 1970s as it allowed people to listen to their records in high quality. The sale of the record players slumped with the invention of new technology devices like the CD and the MP3 players. Nevertheless, the player has continued to have an audience with specific people in the society, with the player experiencing a resurgence in sales and recording more than 16 million sales in the world in 2017. The huge increase in sales can be attributed to the cultural significance that the object has had (Thompson, 2016).

The record player has had an influence on popular culture since the time it was invented. The object has found much significance among different people, with the present-day DJs still using the player to mix their tracks. The significance pf the record player cannot be underestimated as there was the formation of the world record day in 2007 to encourage people to buy more records. The record players are considered objects that depict the epitome of coolness among the older generation of people. More people have continued to buy the record player players, even in the presence of the more technologically sophisticated gadgets, as they are considered to be a statement of coolness and authenticity among people born before the turn of the century.

The record player is considered as an alternative to the streaming devices. While the streaming of music may seem more convenient, playing music in a record player has always been viewed as a more intimate way of listening to music. Activities involved in the preparation of the records to the time it starts to plays underscores intimacy and coolness. People like the engaging feel that is associated with playing music with a record player. Listening to music from a record player makes it difficult for one to skip a song, and thus the player enables people to listen and appreciate the whole album and not just single songs. Listening to music from the record player was enabled by the physical ownership of the songs and the album. The ownership of the record player and the records gives the owners a sense of security unlike the streaming platform where not  ownership can be claimed.

The record player is a sign of coolness to the people who own them, and they tend to be more intimately connected to them as compared to other music devices. In as much as other people may consider the record player as old fashioned and almost dead, the record players seem to have a very bright future. The player is not about to become extinct as more and more players are being produced to cater to the ever-rising demand for the objects. In addition, the record players are being customized nowadays, and more record ae being availed in a format that can be played by the record player. The record player is currently continuing to become mainstream as more people and people adopt it as the ideal way of listening to music. While some people may think the resurgence in popularity is a fad, there are clear indications that the record player is continuing to gain acceptance among the younger generations. The main beneficiary of the added meaning and functions that the record players have are the musician and the music producer. People are ditching the digital music they had bought as they adopt the vinyl record, bringing more funds to the musician and producers. The increase in the popularity and the uptake of the record player underscore the value that people place on coolness, and intimacy in the listening of music albums. The record player can be considered as a unifying object as it not designed for any specific race. However, it solidifies pop culture in society as it mostly associated with the pop and classical music of yesteryears.

My late grandfather was one of the proud owners of the record player. Owning a recording then was, and still is, the epitome of coolness. I remember how we used to line up in his compound when he was playing classical pop music. Not many American people owned the player as it was considered very expect by the standards then. It was such a prized and valuable possession to him that he held so dearly that I never saw anyone else, including my grandmother, touch it. He owned special record albums, which were played on special occasions.  When he is not listening to the player, he used to lock it inside a metallic box, which I think he had bought for the purpose. To his peers, and us, he was the coolest man on earth. The vinyl record player was undoubtedly the epitome of coolness and romance.

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