(Answered) The Life and Contribution of Balboa, The Spanish Explorer

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The Life and Contribution of Balboa, The Spanish Explorer

            Vasco Núñez De Balboa reigned during the devastating period of poverty that the people of Jerez de Los Caballeros were facing in Spain. Balboa was brought to this world in 1475 and decided to join the knight and served as a warrior under Moguer’s lord in the 15th century. In the quest for fortune, he joined the Spanish expedition to explore the new world and through that, they explored the coast of Colombia. After the completion of his expedition, he later returned to the Dominican Republic that was known as Hispaniola during his days where he sought to make a living through farming. Due to debts, Balboa fled back to Colombia in the year 1510. By the time of his arrival, most colonists had been killed and Balboa moved to present-day Panama where he settled with local Indians.


            During the year 1513, Balboa was selected to lead the expedition in search of a new sea and gold in South America. Under the rule of King Ferdinand II of Spain, Balboa was not successful in finding gold but he led the seeing of the Pacific Ocean that was known as the South Sea. His contribution in locating the Pacific Ocean was awarded by being appointed as the governor of Panama and Coiba province. Balboa also contributed to the conquering of the South Sea and its surrounding lands between 1517-1518. In 1519, an inquiry into Pedraris’ by King Ferdinand made him doubt the loyalty of Balboa and with fear that he might betray him, Balboa was charged with treason and condemned to death together with his four alleged colleagues ( Editors,2018).

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