(Answered) The Effects On Students Of Parents Pressuring Them To Adopt Particular Majors

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This should include:

  • Overview and discussion of existing research articles and books related to your topic (International)
  • Outline of the theory you will be using
  • Literature map
  • Reference list (20 items minimum)

Detailed Structure

  • Introduction mentioning main themes in literature
  • Literature map summarising key themes of literature and their relationships
  • 3 paragraphs (minimum) on main theory and definitions
    • Identify the theory/theories you are using
    • Name the author(s) who developed each theory
    • Give some information about how it has been applied to your research topic previously
    • Explain how it is relevant to your own research (what are the key themes/aspects of your research it illuminates OR what are the central hypotheses or propositions your derive from the theory)
  • 6-7 paragraphs on existing research in different countries, discussing in detail 8-10 articles or books directly relevant to your research question (use your literature map to structure this into different topics)
  • 1-3 paragraphs on existing research in Gulf countries, (if available) or International
  • 1-2 paragraph concluding remarks: show what your research will add to the existing literature and how you will use that literature to inform your research (theory)
  • Reference list (containing at least 20 relevant and scholarly referneces, APA style)

Literature Review – Grading Rubric (8 marks)


  • Theory identified which is appropriate to the project: 0.5
  • Demonstrate understanding of theory and its relation to your research: 1

Discussion of Literature (International + UAE)

  • Minimum 10 relevant studies covered in some detail: 1
  • Relevance of these to student’s project is clear: 0.5
  • Structured discussion of studies: 0.5


  • Key themes of literature summarised: 0.75
  • Contribution of your research identified: 0.75

Literature Map

  • Relevant, well-structured, clear, comprehensive literature map: 1

Reference List

  • At least 20 scholarly, relevant entries properly cited in APA style: 2