The Effects of Social Media on Body Image in Young Women: A Proposal


The Effects of Social Media on Body Image in Young Women: A Proposal

Effects of social media on body image on young women


In beauty and culture, body image plays a significant role due to the belief in society. For instance, thin ladies have been associated with beauty and class. The belief has led to every young lady in society trying to attain beauty (Bennett, et al., 2019). This is because beauty queens and idols in the different entertainment industries do not want to move the mass of their audience but also being referred to as the epitome of beauty. Consequently, every young woman in society wants to attain the right body image. Due to technological advancement, social media through commonly Facebook and Instagram has led to the sharing of pictures on therein (Goodyear, 2020).

Due to the diversity in human creation, young women have different body, which has been termed at either good or poor. Consequently, due to the body images which are shared on the social media platforms, there are significant attached consequences on the owners of the images.   There impacts bear both negative as well as positive impacts on the young women. In most cases, young ladies with poor body image suffer more negative impacts which are not only psychological based but also health implications (Goodyear, 2020).  For one, they suffer from low self-esteem in society. However, low esteem results in increased cases of stress as well as anxiety thus depression.  Also, low esteem is associated with feeling irrelevant in romantic and friendly relationships. Significantly, low esteem lowers the ability of one to perform academically as well as in the workplace (Bennett, et al., 2019).  It was also worth asserting that low esteem is associated with vulnerability to alcohol and drug abuse.

According to the study carried by Goodyear (2020), young ladies with the right body image on social media platforms have been associated with beauty and class.  Based on the same study ladies with the right body have high self- esteem and confidence.  Similarly, the same study by Goodyear (2020) suggested that ladies with right body image have also confidence thus excellent performance in school as well as a place of professional work.  Collectively, good body image is considered epitome of beat thus center of attraction among the young ladies in the society. This implies that ladies that have good body image are highly valued and respected, which in return pegged happiness and productivity among their respective lives.  Also, according to Perloff, (2014) young women with a thin and sexy body image are been associated with working friendship and romantic relationships due to the adoration and being cherished therein. This is due to the fact that every young man in society readily settles with ladies with the right body image.

Young ladies good body images enjoy exemplary treatments with respect and no cases of social bullying compared to ladies with poor body image (Perloff, 2014). As elaborated by Perloff, ladies with medium body size, moderate body image tends to have average self-esteem and confidence. This implies what their friends on social media or what they see in social media affect them negatively and positively. According to Goodyear (2020), ladies with medium body image strive towards achieving good body image through healthy living thus body satisfaction. This has resulted in happiness and boosted confidences among the young ladies with right body image. This implies that they are happy and social media is positively affecting their lives. According to Perloff (2014), over 50 percent of young women with considerate body image are in working relationship since they are cherished and protected. Ladies with moderate body image are also good performance in education and place of work. This is because colleagues readily want to associate and learn the secrets of having such a body image (Goodyear, 2020).

According to Goodyear (2020), young women with poor body image suffer great negative impacts as are the result of social media. In the study elaboration, ladies with poor body image suffer low self-esteem among their friends on social media as well as around their respective places of residence. As a result of low self-esteem, ladies with poor body image are vulnerable to stress and anxiety (Perloff, 2014). This comes as a result of unworthy and dissatisfaction with their body image thus no happiness and body dissatisfaction. Similarly, according to Bennett, et al (2019), a significant number of young women with poor body image are depressed and suffer from depression associated mental disorders. Ladies with poor body image have low self-esteem, which have closely been associated with poor perform in learning and professional work institutions (Perloff, 2014).  This is due to the fact that they feel their efforts are not appreciated and not relevant in the world where only classy and sexy ladies enjoy.

Poor work performance has been associated with cases of depression among young girls. Drawing from the fact that young ladies with poor body image are depressed, it can be suggested that young ladies with poor performance in workplace possess poor body image (Goodyear, 2020). Usually, good performance is only possible through the free and focused mind with confidence, which is attainable via high self-esteem (Perloff, 2014).Poor body image among young women is associated with poor eating disorders. Naturally, ladies want to be treated with respect and love. However, in the modern era, such is believed not possible with classy and sexy image, captured in having thing body (Goodyear, 2020). The case has been associated to abuse of alcohol and drugs to forget about the stress and dissatisfaction a result of poor body image.

Similarly, ladies with poor body image suffer heartbreaks and victims of cheating in their relations. This implies that their male partners do not accord them respect and love, used to satisfy sexual pleasures only (Bennett, et al., 2019).  Since male gender also accesses social media, they are moved by sexy and curved bodies hence admire to be in a relationship with such ladies (Perloff, 2014).  Consequently, young women with poor body image suffer social bullying on social media as well as rejection even at a point of friend request on Facebook. According to Bennett, et al., (2019) ladies with poor body image are victims of insults and even at times blocked by social friends. Consequently, the ladies feel unworthy and not worth living hence display suicidal behaviors in society. In order to show the same pattern, according to Goodyear (2020), over 60 percent of ladies who commit suicide has shown correlation with depression and other psychological tortures, in which poor body image may be among the factors. 

In conclusion, even though social media serves positive impacts on young women with reference to body image, ladies with poor body suffers significant negative impacts. Such impacts have been captured in the form of low self-esteem, no confidence, vulnerability to alcohol and drugs as well as suicidal mindsets (Perloff, 2014). These have led to lack of happiness and depression which is not only threat to their lives but also to the family members, friends and society in general.


The purpose of the research study on the effects of social media on the body image of young girls will be achieved through enrolling participants who consisted of friends on Facebook thus online interview. 

Procedure and Measure

Online survey will be carried out in which 100 young women friends on Facebook will be enroll for the online interview. The interview will be created in two groups in which first group will received questions of image of young lady with good body image (thin and sexy body). The second group will be asked questions based of young woman with poor body (fat and flabby). Purposive sampling was used since not every friend on Facebook is that close thus no time and even share personal experienced as capture in the Appendix section of the research proposal.


2 x 2 (IV x SV) factorial design will be deployed in the research study.  The respondents were given body image and asked some significant question to the same. Therefore, the research was able to capture the perception of the young ladies in regard to effects on body image. The research design had image with good body and that of poor body image. The dependent variables to be captured in the research study in a Likert scale (1= strongly disagree, 2= agree, 3 =Neutral4= agree, 5=strongly agree). The young women will be asked to rate the image shared in term of happiness, popularity, productivity, and attractiveness. Notably, the research will be interested on happiness, productivity and attractiveness as dependent variables.


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