Students should be required to write essays in college courses that conform to the conventions of Standard Written English.


Essay Topic: Students should be required to write essays in college courses that conform to the conventions of Standard Written English.

Effective communication is essential in all spheres of human life. The communicating parties need to be on the same language base regardless of whether the communication is written or oral. In our country, the use of non-standard English is localized depending on a person’s geographical area or their age. In using the language, there may be a misunderstanding if the communicating parties are not on the same platform concerning the rules of the language they are using. People from different geographical areas may not have effective communication as the rules of non-standard English may be different. Only the people from the given geographical area or age will have an understanding when they are communicating using non-standard English. In the usage of non-standard English, what may appear as normal and politeness in by one person may appear as disrespect and rude to another person who is not used to that form of non-standard English. Consequently, communication in non-standard English is likely to bring about conflicts among the communication parties as to the rule change depending on the location, the age group, social status, and race. In formal workplaces, there is a need for a standard means of communication that is universally accepted and the rules understood by all the people involved. In America, this is what led to the adoption of the standard English in the learning institution so that students can be familiar with it and be able to communicate in the language once they leave college and join the American workforce fluently. Students should be familiar and competent in the usage of standard English both in verbal communication and in writing.

The practice and use of standard English will make students competent in the language. The usage of standard English in essays helps all students to have a common base, which means every student would be on the same page, and that makes it easier for grading. The use of standard English ensures that students are being graded in a standardized language that has the same universal rules and regulations. By so doing, the grading can be standardized, and students are graded on the same base. The grading ensures fairness in the award of grades as the students are graded on the common things that have been learning in the college as opposed to grading on some non-standard English, which would render some students who are not familiar with the language disadvantaged. As students will be graded on the same base, fairness is ensured, which given even the employer a common platform of gauging the ability of a given group of students.

Standards written English will help students to have a strong structure of the language so that they can be confident while they speak. Students must get to learn the standard English language as it is through learning and to practice that a college student will get to have a strong structure of the language, become better at using the language in communication and persuasion and in connecting with other people. It is only through the learning of the structure and grammar as applied in the language that the college students will have primacy to the language form. It is through the establishment of the excellent grammar of standard English that the students will learn the principles of the structure of the language that includes the world order, the structural words, and inflection. With a good understand and application of the structure of the language, students will be able to communicate cohesively.  It is only by learning the structure of the language that a student will be able to think better and connect better with other people. Learning the standard English structure will allow a student to exude confidence when they speak, and that ensures that they can fit in any community where the language is spoken and become part of the wider community.

A proper standard English can be used in case of any face to face argument. The standard English is not conscious of the racial and geographical barriers and does not identify a person with any region. With the application of standard English, a person would be able to make their case in a face to face argument. Standard English is the glue that binds all the English speakers, and it allows them to have effective communication, regardless of their background. With the application of the language, a person would be able to make a viable and understandable argument in the job place when convincing the employer why they think they are qualified for the job. The use of standard English ensures that the communicating parties are on the same platform, and effective communication is guaranteed.

In conclusion, students should be required to write essays in a college course in standard English to ensure competency and confidence in the language. Understanding your language is the fundamental key to success. The use of standard English enables the communicator to get their message across clearly and effectively to people from a diverse background who are familiar with the English language. The standard English is also more preferable as it is more permanent than some of the forms of non-standard English which get out of fashion as you move from one generation to the other.

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