South Carolina State ?Stress Imminent in Any Workplace Setting Draft PaperSchool


South Carolina State ?Stress Imminent in Any Workplace Setting Draft PaperSchool

South Carolina State University

Question Description

Draft Introduction Section should consist of three paragraphs:

  • Statement of the Problem
  • Purpose of the Study: Including your research question and any terms that need to be defined.
  • Significance of the Study

Below is a sample:

Statement of the Problem:

There is a need for more addictions counselors as rates of opiod and other forms of substance abuse increase in the United States. There is a shortage of minorities, especially individuals who speak Spanish, within this field. Therefore, seeking a career in addictions counseling is an important and in demand career pathway.

Purpose of the Study:

The purpose of this study is to examine what are the challenges faced by addictions counselors in their day to day jobs, and what steps they took to become an addictions counselor. The specific research questions are: 1)What are the most challenging aspects of being an addictions counselor? and 2) What are the requirements to work as an addictions counselor? Addictions counselor or substance abuse counselor will be defined using the South Carolina Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors website.

Significance of the Study:

This study is significant because it provides information from real practitioners of their impression of the challenges faced in their chosen career, and they steps they took to become a licensed practitioner. This study will benefit others who are thinking about pursuing a career specializing in addictions counseling because it provides insights on what the job involves if you do not have a chance to shadow or intern in this counseling sub-field.