(Solved): Workplace Culture and it’s impact on Organisational Efficiency Report.


(Solved): Workplace Culture and it’s impact on Organisational Efficiency Report.

Critical analysis required..!!! 3000 word report 35 Harvard references from academic and reliable sources. Demonstrates your detailed understanding of the workplace culture and context of one organisation. The report should include a title page, executive summary, contents list, introduction, findings, conclusion, recommendations and reference/bibliography list. The report should include: Environmental analysis of the organisation using PESTLE and SWOT. An analysis of the structure and culture of the organisation using a minimum of 2 models. An analysis of the organisations ethical stance. An explanation of how you would need to behave to fit in with cultural norms and be successful in the organisation. A comparison of the organisations culture with another organisation, and recommendations to further enhance your organisations workplace culture in the future. The organisation is Amazon and it should be compared to the workplace culture and ethics of eBay and Wish or another similar organisation. PESTLE also look at ethical factors some authors use the frame work steeple SWOT Amazon’s strength and weakness (internal) opportunities and threats (external) Include: Cooperate social responsibility Use: CIPD,,, articles, google scholar, journals, books and websites. World economic forum Must include: theories models and diagrams. E.g cultural web, Deal and Kennedy, Handy and Schein and how it has contributed to the organisations success Amazon’s organisational culture, characteristics of Amazon’s organisational culture. How culture impacts on organisational efficiency, criticism of Amazon’s culture. How good/bad is it. Defines PESTLE and SWOT. Be specific on the PESTLE and SWOT factors – create a table. Brief summary including relevant sources to back up everything stated. The PESTLE and SWOT narrative needs to be well backed with evidence and references. Must be reliable and academic sources. What is Amazon’s structure? Hierarchical, flat? Critically describe ethical stance whether amazons actions reflect. Define and cover cooperate responsibility, business case for managing ethically Compare your values beliefs and attitude with those of Amazon The recommendation (lessons to be learnt) needs to include and action plan: who, what, when, how, why and cost. To further enhance Amazon’s workplace culture back each recommendation with relevant and reliable sources.

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