(Solved): Why College Tuition Should NOT Be Free For Everyone In Texas. Pros and Cons


(Solved): Why College Tuition Should NOT Be Free For Everyone In Texas. Pros and Cons

Yes/No Question Should public college tuition be free in Texas? Audience for Research Paper The Texas Bicameral Legislature Preliminary Thesis Tuition for public college in Texas should not be free for everyone. What will be your persuasive purpose? The purpose of my Persuasive Research Paper is to persuade the Texas Bicameral Legislature that during their bi-annual 87th legislature session in 2021 they should not take up a bill to make public college in Texas free for everyone. You will include 2000 words of text showing your work with quotations. Do include the Outline, Text and Works Cited in the best form possible. 2. Background: (Select from among the possibilities. Not all are required.) What is the problem? Help the reader understand what is important about this issue, why you are arguing this particular way. What does the reader need to know in order to understand this issue? Not all are required. Help the reader understand this issue. Description Definition History – What happened in the past? Current situation 3. Refutation of opposing views (This section can be here or later.) [This section is important. Here you show your understanding of the opposing side’s position, and you show that you understand — based on your research — why that opposition is wrong. Any time you argue — whether in writing or in person — it is valuable to show an understanding of why the other person or group feel as they do. Opponents having felt understood will be more willing to accept what you argue.] What do opponents believe? Why do they believe it? What do you need to say to convince your reader they are wrong? 4. Arguments in favor – See Chap. 3, CI. (Select from among the possibilities. Not all are required.) Facts Evidence Statistics Pictures Graphs Examples Stories Real situations Made up instances that are LIKE real ones Authoritative testimony Etc. 5. Solutions (Optional but strongly suggested.) What do you suggest should be done? What do authorities suggest should be done?

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