(Solved): What CEO attributes are required to foster solutions for 11 predefined management problems?


(Solved): What CEO attributes are required to foster solutions for 11 predefined management problems?

What CEO attributes are required to foster solutions for 11 predefined management problems. A critical interpretive synthesis of the qualitative literature. A integrated literature review was already conducted, using the research question: What kind of management problems are being caused by a market environment of radical disruptive innovations. The following 11 Management problems where already synthesized. These Management problems are especially caused by a market environment of rapid and disruptive innovations. 1) Confronting High uncertainties; 2) Managing High Operation Cost; 3) Issues of Knowledge Transfer; 4) Lack of role awareness map; 5) Inadequate knowledge integration; 6) The issue of project discontinuities; 7) Lack of qualified personnel; 8) Lengthy development timeframes; 9) Government policies and Trademark; 10) Resource allocation; 11) Customer Acceptance Issues. Based on a new 15-page literature review you analyse, what role the CEO has in solving each of these single management roles. You develop based on this new literature review a thesis or claim, what kind of CEO attributes are required to solve each of these 11 single managements problems, which are caused by radical disruptive innovations. Please keep in the back of your mind that an article of Harvard Business Review (Lytkina et al. 2017) published, that claims four specific attributes make a CEO succeed. These four are attributes are: 1) “Deciding with speed and conviction.”; 2) “Engaging for impact”; 3) “Adapting proactively” and 4) “delivering reliably”. This paper synthetises required skills and behaviours for managing problems caused by radical disruptive innovations and compares them with the research findings of Lytkina et al. (2017). In conclusion, this research paper intents to challenge the findings of Lytkina et al. (2017) and proposes additional CEO attributes, that are essential to direct an organisation through the environment of radical disruptive innovations. That means, based on these 11 management problems we will proof, that there are more or other CEO skills required to solve these 11 management problems compared to the 4 attributes published by (Lytkina et al. 2017). For your thesis or claims you will be surfed 16 Pages that describe in details the mentioned 11 management problems. When you formulate your claims about the required CEO attributes, you need to read properly each management problem and address rigorously all the problems mentioned. It must be clear to the reader, that the CEO attributes you claim are indeed relevant to solve each single problem and will indeed foster solutions to that problem. Just to understand correctly, the 16 pages only contain the detailed description about the 11 management problems. For your claims you need to undertake a new literature review to find the attributes required by the CEO and how they foster the solutions of these problems. PhD Level writing skill is required. Minimum 3 references for each management problem to support your thesis or claim, what CEO attribute will be required. Only peer-reviewed references. APA referencing style. Zero plagiarism.

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