(Solved): What can managers of today’s organization do to “best manage change”?


(Solved): What can managers of today’s organization do to “best manage change”?

BACKGROUND RELATING TO THE ESSAY QUESTION: Sustained competitive advantage is more difficult today than ever before. This is in no small part due to the uncertain and dynamic business environment (chapter 3 – Thompson’s model of external forces). So, to survive, business needs to “respond”. Unfortunately, 70% of change programs or “responses” fail. The basic questions that need to be asked and answered are: • What are the sources of change causing this pressure for change? • What options do business have (cover the models from preliminary reading)? • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the possible options/models? • How best can managers respond? Justify/explain. If you do not think there is a best way, you also need to explain and justify When critiquing the models, remember to integrate this with the current business environment. Avoid simply summarizing the preliminary article, or any other article. Instead, you need to explain, compare, evaluation, and synthesize. Relate each paragraph back to the essay question and purpose. STEP 1: READ & SUMMARISE THE RELEVANT TEXTBOOK CHAPTER – CHP 15: CHANGE MANAGEMENT. THIS IS IMPORTANT BACKGROUND AND MAY EVEN PROVIDE SOME GENERAL CONTEXT. STEP 2: READ & SUMMARISE THE PRELIMINARY ARTICLE CITED BELOW. THIS IS A VERY USEFUL CRITICAL REVIEW, IDENTIFYING A RANGE OF MODELS THAT EXPLAIN THE CHOICE BUSINESS FACE IN IMPLEMENTING AND MANAGING CHANGE. THIS WILL THEN GIVE YOU A CLEARER PICTURE OF WHAT FURTHER RESEARCH IS NEEEDED. By, TR (2005) Organisational Change Management: A Critical Review. Journal of Change Management, Vo. 5, No. 4, pp 369 – 380 STEP 3: COMPLETE YOUR OWN RESEARCH – REMEMBER – FIND A MINIMUM OF 5 ADDITIONAL RTICLES FOR A PASS GRADE.

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