(Solved): What are the challenges in managing innovation in the case of blackberry


(Solved): What are the challenges in managing innovation in the case of blackberry

The Objectives are: (1) To identify and discuss the Challenges with blackberry product innovation (2) To identify the reasons for the fall in blackberry product demand (3) To investigate how blackberry can manage their innovation processes better (4) To identify possible strategy for blackberry to improve on their innovation processes Assignment brief Achievement of all the learning outcomes in this module is assessed through a research project. The project provides students with the opportunity to critically apply the module concepts to real-world business problems of creativity and innovation in a variety of contexts and from perspectives that include the individual, the organisation and society at large. The research project may be related to your own workplace or to a firm (or firms) with which you are familiar. Students will need to select an issue related to creativity and innovation that you would need to investigate, assess and improve. The research project needs to be based on an appropriate theoretical discussion (literature review) and a good level of primary and/or secondary research. This assignment is intended to provide the student with an opportunity to conduct his/her research and to apply the appropriate concepts, frameworks, tools and perspectives in his/her analysis of the selected topic. You will be required to give evidence of a critical review of the literature and an analysis regarding the application of the selected issue. The topic should therefore allow a practical and theoretical deployment of the main strands of the course contents. The assignment must demonstrate that the key theoretical findings (or key theoretical ideas) inform your: (i) data collection, (ii) analysis, (iii) discussion, and (iv) recommendations. Students should ensure that: • The research objectives (or research questions) are very clearly formulated and adequately addressed throughout the whole assignment. • The methods for the data collection and analysis are well explained and justified. • The assignment is well structured. Each main section of your assignment should be organised and developed with clear objectives and concluded with a summary of key findings. • Your arguments are supported by your literature review • The references are correctly and consistently presented.

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