(Solved): WEEK FOUR: Organizational Culture Learning Activities


(Solved): WEEK FOUR: Organizational Culture Learning Activities

Learning Activity #1 Tasks for this activity are as follows: • Using the case scenario from week 3 (above) identify the existing culture for Purvis’ company and identify the desired future culture. • Complete the OCAI assessment ( for Purvis’ company. Use information from the case scenario to identify the two cultures. Then, assess both the current cultural state and identify gaps between current and desires cultures. (Hint make sure to remember the purpose of the business and how to keep a competitive edge in making your selection) Learning Activity #2 Explain how structure and culture interface to make the organization work toward the accomplishment of the vision and mission. How is it going to work in the case of Purvis? Give examples of what Purvis can do to make sure everything flows together. Include in your answer the ideas of artifacts, espoused beliefs, basic underlying beliefs and assumptions (external adaptation issues, assumptions about managing internal integration and deeper cultural assumptions).

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