(Solved): Watch movie “The big short ” and answer 8 questions.


(Solved): Watch movie “The big short ” and answer 8 questions.

#1. The Big Short, is about what three groups of people who predicted the credit and housing bubble collapse of the 2007-2010 financial crisis? #2. Each of these groups decide to take on the big banks to expose what? #3. Explain some of the complex factors that led to the market crash. #4. What role did the rating agencies play? Were they at fault, or was the system such that they were forced to become unwilling partners? #5. Some made huge fortunes off the downfall of others. Do you see them as prophetic heroes, greedy opportunists…or something else? #6. Judge if this movie effects your decision to buy a house and your opinion of big banks. #7. What about the movie can you apply to your own life? #8. Why did a handful of outsiders foresee what would happen with the subprimes while neither the heads of the large financial firms nor government regulators saw what was coming? Do you think it was genuine ignorance (the investments were simply too obscure to understand) or willful ignorance (no one really wanted to turn off the money supply)? What about the risk managers for the Wall Street firms—where were they in all of this?

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