(Solved): True Story Argument of Fact


(Solved): True Story Argument of Fact

At its core, an Argument of Fact determines the “conjecture” about what is the truth of the topic or claim. Then the argument explains the incomplete information and what changes about the topic when that information is included. Students will investigate one topic discussed in one of the readings assigned in class to argue how well the author(s) developed his/her argument and how additional evidence (and perspectives) can change the understanding of an issue. The “argument” is studying the news, academic journals, books, videos, blogs, and so on of the public conversation about the topic. The evidence used can be qualitative and/or quantitative. Here are the requirements: Proper formatting according to the syllabus. 1,500 words minimum (approximately 5-6 pages). *Per the syllabus, word counts are for the text of the essay alone and exclude headings, Works Cited, etc. Five outside sources minimum used and analyzed throughout the essay and with proper citation. These should be used to support the claims of evaluation. (One article from class can be used as a source.) A Works Cited on the final page with all sources used. Use correct MLA, APA, or CMS formatting. Submit to the assignment location on the course website. As the textbook explains, an Argument of Fact addresses questions such as: Did something happen? Is there a problem/issue? How did it begin and what are its causes? What changed to create the problem/issue? Can it be changed? In addition to the learning outcomes covered with the first essay, here are the additional learning outcomes covered with this assignment: Provides supporting evidence from research sources Practices critical reading of outside sources Represents and responds to multiple points of view in research Uses research sources to discover and focus a thesis Uses an appropriate style guide to relay researched argument.

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