(Solved): Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal -Dell


(Solved): Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal -Dell

THIS IS A PPT PRESENTATION The Final Project requires you to develop a Training and Organizational Development (OD) proposal and presentation to senior management targeted at improving diversity training within an organization of your choice. My organization of choice is Dell. This will be a PowerPoint Presentation: Must have a title side, introduction slide, and twelve slides of content, and a references slide. Total number of slides is 15. Format the references slide in APA style. Make sure the content slide covers these points and please use the notes section to provide the details or explanation of each slide to avoid lengthy narratives on them. The presentation: (Minimum of 5 Scholarly References dated 2016 and beyond) As the HRD manager of your organization, what new training programs and processes would you propose to senior management to develop effective recruiting and selection methods to attract more minorities and women to your organization? (Cover in about 5 slides) Explain how HRD methods can be used to help manage a culturally diverse workforce. For example, how will you overcome language and discrimination issues that will ultimately lead to a climate in which all employees can thrive within the organization and contribute to its success? This topic will cover the remaining 7 slides (if you need more feel free to add). I would do some slides on language and some on discrimination.

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