(Solved): The Ropes to Skip and the Ropes to Know: Chapter 16-20


(Solved): The Ropes to Skip and the Ropes to Know: Chapter 16-20

Chapter 16 – Back To Drawing Board • Can you think of some examples of diffused, displaced, or deferred responsibility in your own work experience? • What could you, as a manager, do about these sorts of behaviors? Chapter 17 – Rite of Passage • Describe Stanley’s reaction to being “put on the list,” and why he reacts as he does. In cultural terms, how does his reaction reinforce Ben’s power? • Have you known any supervisors who have used contrived rewards and punishments to bolster their positions? Chapter 18 – Sunrise Service • How did Ben Franklyn use the principle of negative reinforcement to achieve his objective? • Can you think of similar examples from your own experience? Was the supervisor as clever as Franklyn in arranging to deflect personal criticism? Was s/he successful? Chapter 19 – Who Could Have Known? • In terms of principles of reinforcement, what was Kerry’s error? • From the text: “. . . what would you have done in [Kerry’s] situation?” Chapter 20 – Made To Measure • Why measure performance in the first place, and what is the downside to doing so?

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