(Solved): The Road Logistic Transportation in Vietnam


(Solved): The Road Logistic Transportation in Vietnam

Assessment 1 – Individual Assignment Choose a mode of transport in a particular country (for example, rail transport in Vietnam or air transport in Australia) and address the following questions in an essay-style format (maximum of 1,500 words): 1. Introduction: Outline the characteristics of the mode of transport (i.e. value to the national economy, number of people employed, carrying capacity, owners of the system, associated social and environmental issues, etc.). 2. Main stakeholders: Describe the country’s main stakeholders for your chosen mode of transport and compare and contrast their strengths and weaknesses. 3. International governing bodies: Comment on the international bodies that influence this particular mode of transport. 4. Conclusion: Make recommendations for how improvements can be made to the mode of transport in the country you chose. Additional notes of importance: 5. Submissions must be professionally presented with accurate referencing, numbered headings, page numbers, tables/figures labelled, etc.

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