(Solved): The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.


(Solved): The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.

You are required to write an essay on “The impact of social media on contemporary business communication.” How have these changes impacted the way modern business operates today? Research, discuss and explain the fundamental opportunities and challenges that this creates for modern businesses. For the purposes of this assignment you should also choose one core business as a case study and provide relevant examples to support your thinking and analysis. Maximum length 2000 words. There is an allowable 10% exceeding words for in-text citations (reference list is not counted for the word length).Key areas that need to be addressed in your Essay • An understanding and explanation of how ‘business communication’ has changed over the last 20 years. • What challenges businesses in the 21st century are facing with communication? • Identification of a suitable business, company or organisation that can be used as a ‘case study’ for your essay. • How changes in business communication have impacted the way that business is being done now? • Examples of ways that this ‘case study’ business is utilising these new ways of communicating. • Appropriate research and referencing to support your essay. Assignment Format This assignment is required to be written as a formal academic essay. It should therefore include: • A clear opening and introduction to the essay topic and subject, that clearly identifies the ‘topic sentence’ or ‘thesis statement’. • The body of the essay that must be broken down into relevant paragraphs that explains, provides evidence and research to support your key findings and understanding. • A concise and clear conclusion that summarizes your key findings and draws the essay to a suitable conclusion.

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