(Solved): The Four-Frame Approach Applied to Change Management


(Solved): The Four-Frame Approach Applied to Change Management

Change efforts often fail because change agents operate with a limited perspective. They use only one or two lenses to conceive projects and then misread or entirely miss unanticipated consequences of their actions. By using an innovative approach where you reframe organizational change as a four-dimensional process, success is more likely to happen during a change. Using online library resources, locate at least three different scholarly sources on change management. Discuss the barriers to change and the essential change strategies for each one of the four frames. Complete the following: Analyze the use of the four-frame approach(Bolman & Deal’s four frames are as follows: • Structural. Leaders who make change using this approach focus on structural elements within the organization as well as strategy, implementation, and adaptation. … • Human resource. Leaders who approach change from a human resource frame focus on people. … • Political. … • Symboli • for the implementation of change in the workplace. • Examine and explain possible barriers to be faced in a change process to be implemented in your workplace or an organization that you know well. • Include perspectives about change management strategies using each one of the four frames discussed in this module. • Support your points of view with clear change examples documented in the current literature. • Be sure to cite your sources. Write your initial response in a minimum of 300 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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