(Solved): Sustainable development


(Solved): Sustainable development

Note: I need it to be completed in 6 hours from hiring you. Note: this a literature survey aims to summarize, compare and evaluate two research paper with no subjective interference 1- Academic summary for the two papers attached with the following instructions: a- 2 Separate summary paragraph for each paper with 200-250 word for each paragraph (total 400-500 word). Covering all main ideas in each paper, taking into consideration that the ideas must correspond to what will be mentioned in the Comparison and Evaluation sections. -You will find attached an example for a summary of 2 paper and its original research papers. I have attached them for example purposes only. 2- Comparison section format should follow the following order: a- First paragraph (similarities) b- Second paragraph (differences) c- Last paragraph (Conclusion) d- 400-500 words -You will find attached a PDF file contains example for Comparison, and you must follow the very pattern in the example. 3- For the Evaluation section you will find in the same PDF file attached an example and a table of criteria to apply when writing the Evaluation, and you must follow the very pattern in the example and the criteria. must be between 250-300 words. Thank you very much.

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