(Solved): Sustainability in internal and external stakeholder relations


(Solved): Sustainability in internal and external stakeholder relations

With reference to one case study from the hospitality industries outside the UK, discuss the opportunities and difficulties to introducing sustainability requirements through internal and external stakeholder relations. It is a 2000 word essay and each paragraph should be approx 200 words, with one idea in each paragraph. First explore the literature on the chosen topic in depth. Select and critically discuss a few most important issues, which gives us the overview of both positions (for and against). Conclude the essay by outlining your position based on the evidence provided. Also, your conclusion can be strengthened by industry figures and hospitality and tourism examples to exemplify your case. Essential readings for my module: Slack, N., Brandon-Jones, A., and Johnston, R. (2013). Operations Management; Chapter 9: People, jobs and organization. Harlow: Pearson (7th Edition) Font, X., & Cochrane, J. (2005b). Integrating Sustainability into business: an implementation guide for responsible tourism coordinators. Paris: United Nations Environment Programme. Erick T. Byrd, (2007) Stakeholders in sustainable tourism development and their roles: applying stakeholder theory to sustainable tourism development, Tourism Review, 62(2), 6-13. Guix, M., Bonilla, M. & Font, X. (2017) The process of sustainability reporting in international hotel groups: an analysis of stakeholder inclusiveness, materiality and responsiveness, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, Waligo, V. M., Clarke, J., & Hawkins, R. (2013). Implementing sustainable tourism: A multi-stakeholder involvement management framework. Tourism management, 36, 342-353. Jones, P. & Robinson, P. (2012). Operations Management, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Chapter five, ten, twelve and seventeen Favre, C. (2013) Make it Count Guide: for outbound tour operators and ground agents, Bristol: The Travel Foundation. Font, X., Tapper, R., Schwartz, K., & Kornilaki, M. (2008). Sustainable supply chain management in tourism. Bus. Strat. Env., 17(4), 260-271. Schwartz, K., Tapper, R., & Font, X. (2008). A framework for sustainable supply chain management in tour operations. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 16(3), 298-314

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