(Solved): Summative Presentation


(Solved): Summative Presentation

(Assignment copied and pasted) -lesson 5: Unit 4 Summative Presentation After completing your essay, you will need to create an audio file in which you will record your Oral Presentation. The Oral Presentation will not necessarily be a reading of your completed essay but a creative expression on the main issues you discussed.   Follow these guidelines:  (1) Begin with the Author, Title and Date of Publication.  (2) Speak Clearly.  (3) Provide information to capture the attention of the audience, and to quickly demonstrate your knoweldge and analytical lens/angle for discussing the content of the novel.  (4) Summarize the plot, thesis or main idea(s) (5)Assess the author’s use of primary and/or secondary sources/allusions (if applicable) (6) Mention at least one memorable aspect of the book, so that at the end the listener will remember something distinctive about the book.  (7) Limit the Presentation to 10 minutes. You should time yourself at least once in advance so you have some sense of how much can be said in ten minutes.  (8) Do not simply read your written review aloud. An oral presentation uses different vocabulary, structure and syntax than a written essay. I recommend using notes or an outline rather than writing out what you wish to say-this makes the presentation appear more nature and relaxed. Resist the temptation to read aloud a numbing monologue. (9) Give the book a thumbs up or thumbs down and briefly explain why it should (or should not) be included for future students of the Course.  **I’ve attached the essay you wrote for me before on Timothy Findlay. For my oral presentation I would just need you to make a basic script going off the essay you wrote me but expanding just a bit more because I can’t read the essay exactly work for word. The instructions at the top are a good guideline for the script as well. The oral presentation needs to be around 10 mins so the script would have to be around 1000 words long.

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