(Solved): Scarfing it down


(Solved): Scarfing it down

To complete this assignment successfully students must read the essay titled, “Scarfing it Down” which can be found on page 491 of the text and answer the following questions. The best way to do this is to cut and paste the questions into you word processing software, answer the questions, and then submit the assignment as an attachment. This is a graded assignment. Although, I am not worried about the specific format you use to answer the questions, I do expect proper grammar. What is the definitional issue of this argument? (10 points) What criteria does Fakhraie use to develop her argument? (15 points) Explain why you believe her argument is (or is not) effective. (15 points) Show two examples of evidence used by Fakhraie and explain how each piece of evidence supports her argument. (20 points) Explain one weakness in her argument. (10 points) Discuss both the ethos and pathos of this argument.

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