(Solved): Rhetorical Analysis Invention Guide


(Solved): Rhetorical Analysis Invention Guide

Having selected an essay to analyze, use the following prompts to create a draft of your essay. Respond to each prompt with full sentences, paragraphs, and thoughts. This will help you formulate ideas and structure for your essay. Write a context paragraph(s): When was the work written? By whom? Who is the intended audience? Where was it published? What is the larger conversation? What was the motivating occasion? Write an objective summary: Your summary should be brief, but should offer enough information to present the article to your reader. Be sure to use plenty of attributive tags (briefly refer to pages 151-162), such as “the author writes” or “Patten argues.” I suggest this summary be between 100–200 words. Make a claim (a thesis statement) that is focused on the writing itself, and not on the ideas of the argument. (Again: your claim/argument/essay should be about the argument and writing, not about the subject/issue of the text.) List several “reasons” that you will include in your rhetorical analysis. Remember, we use the term “reasons” to refer to the premises or sub-claims that support the main claim. With this in mind, consider what your claim is, and then list your reasons for that claim. Articulate your reasons in full paragraphs and ideas, also referencing specific evidence (evidence is the exact item—a quote, for instance, or data, facts, and other examples from the text—that will help your reader accept your reason). Reason: Reason: Reason: Reason: (Note: Your essay may or may not have exactly four reasons, although it will probably have at least four. Either way, you should be able to develop at least four reasons for your claim, even if you adjust or edit them down while drafting your essay.) Having completed this assignment, you will essentially have an outline—or even a rough-draft—of your essay. Submit your work, and then use the document to draft your paper.

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