(Solved): Rhetorical Analysis Assignment


(Solved): Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

Assignment: For this assignment, analyze a persuasive message which was delivered in speech form. Analyze the purpose of the speech, the context of the speech, the claims in the speech, the audience for the original delivery of the speech, and the rhetorical appeals used in the speech. Finally, evaluate whether the message is effective in achieving the speaker’s purpose. The audience for your essay is a peer in ENG 1010. You should assume your peer is familiar with the speech, so you should not merely summarize. Additionally, your peer understands rhetorical appeals so you should not define them in your essay. Finally, this essay should be written in third person POV (no I, me, my, you, your). Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to: • Analyze the rhetorical situation and how the author makes an appeal to one or more of the rhetorical appeals. • Analyze the use of visual elements to enhance the effectiveness of a given speech. • Articulate and develop a critical and analytical perspective in writing • Develop strategies for critically engaging information and develop it in writing as evidence for arguments • Study writing in relation to articulating human values, cultural perspectives, or interdisciplinary understanding Topic: You may choose any TEDtalk speech you’d like; however, it must be a minimum of 8-9 minutes in length. You should read and annotate the speech’s transcript too. Suggested speeches: Monica Lewinsky: The price of shame Wes Moore: How to talk to veterans about war Verna Myers: How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them Research: No formal research is required for this assignment (i.e. you are not required to have sources or a Works Cited) although you are certainly allowed to use outside sources. If you use outside sources, you must cite them. Format and Length: All essays for this course should be in proper MLA format. A thoroughly analyzed essay will be around 3-4 pages.

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