(Solved): Revised Essay Draft – Critical Thinking in Business Scenario


(Solved): Revised Essay Draft – Critical Thinking in Business Scenario

This is for a critical Thinking in Business and Law Course. I have had some help already in creating an initial draft and would like further assistance with a final (or semi-final) draft. I am looking to create an opening paragraph that clearly outlines the scenario. I then would like what is now the first and second paragraphs to become the second and third. These two paragraphs need to be clearer. I would then like the final paragraph to give a more definitive recommendation. I’m listing this as 3 pages given that I would like the primary focus to be the first and last page. I would simply like edits and suggestions on the remaining paragraphs/pages. The assignment is due later this week, but I’m looking to have this draft back within the next 48 hours. Once I accept a bid, I will provide a copy of the draft I currently have and a more detailed description.

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