(Solved): Review of a scholarly/peer-reviewed journal article


(Solved): Review of a scholarly/peer-reviewed journal article

*When doing this assignment, it says to consider your own experiences in the workplace. I was in the Navy, have taught Theater, and am now a server. Can you please try to make your experience sound like mine? Thank you. Here is the actual assignment: Please read the attached article: Career success of older workers: the influence of social skills and continuous learning ability. After reading this scholarly/peer-reviewed journal article, please include the following in your post: A brief summary of the article, in your own words (please do not just “cut and paste” from the abstract or conclusion, or use too many verbatim statements to represent your summary). State the main ideas and supporting evidence – synthesize the information. Discuss your reaction to those main ideas and evidence, comprehensively explain through your own experience in the workplace and learning of concepts in this class. Did you agree with the author(s), and why or why not? With the summary and your comprehensive discussion, your primary post should be at least 450 words. Please cite all sources, and provide the article’s full reference, using the APA format.

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