(Solved): Response paper


(Solved): Response paper

In this first response paper, discuss and explain the core or guiding values represented in the course website for English 1C. After reading the documents in the “Getting Started” section of the course web site, what do you understand as being my core values as they relate to teaching and learning? First, think about what core values are as they relate to teaching and learning. Once you have identified two or three core values based on what you have read in my course documents, think about how you want to develop them; that is, think about how you want to explain them. Focus on two or three core values. You will be making inferences or conclusions, which you will need to explain and support. Give valid reasons and specific details and examples to support your main points. Be clear in your explanation. Avoid generalizing. Keep in mind that your explanation should show that you have read the website documents carefully and thought about why you are coming to the conclusions you make. Begin with a brief introductory paragraph that leads into your discussion, write at least two body paragraphs, and remember to include an appropriate yet brief concluding paragraph. You may use first person for this assignment. If you cite directly from a document, there are two examples below of how you may cite what I have written. Do not attach a works cited page to this assignment. And do not exceed two pages. Your response should have at least four paragraphs, and I expect that you are familiar with the academic conventions of developing an appropriate introduction, unified body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Please follow the format for papers as it is described in the Instructions for Formatting Assignments, the syllabus, and as I have done in this prompt. Title your paper with your own original title. Remember to revise and proofread your final draft carefully. Check the “Do Not List,” to make sure you are adhering to the items on the list. Use Microsoft Word and Arial as the font and a 12-point font.

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