(Solved): Research report of Corporate University (Disney& Toyota)


(Solved): Research report of Corporate University (Disney& Toyota)

Research Topic: Prepare a research report on the following topic: ‘In the global economy, knowledge is a competitive advantage. Corporate universities play a vital role in developing, storing and disseminating knowledge and thereby contribute towards the knowledge management function within the firm. Research TWO multinational corporations that have set up corporate universities; identify the reasons for the set up; and explain the potential benefits of the same (while doing so, please link back with relevant literature on knowledge management). Based on your research on the two cases, make generic recommendations on whether corporate universities are a worthwhile investment for multinational corporations.’ Notes: please do an in-text citation on the report (chicago 16th style) Referencing using Chicago 16th style as well. Minimum 10 references i have attached the structure that need to used for the report, i also give the same kind of assignment as example (you are highly recommend to refer on it)

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