(Solved): Research paper, short story reading required


(Solved): Research paper, short story reading required

Cumpa Lahiri’s story A Temporary Matter have an abundance of references to food — cooking and eating. How does food work as a trope to further the narrative? W,at purpose does it serve? With reference to the story. analyse the use of food imagery. Your paper, 3-4 pages in length, should contain at least two researched references (one of which should be a primary source) that you will work into a claim about the story. Please avoid quoting large parts from the text. i need the abstracts, and interdiction (one paragraph stating the intent of your essay) in 2 days Feb 15. then i need a first draft on FEB 16 and the final paper on FEB 19. the final paper might need minor editing or not, depends on my teachers comment. thank you

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