(Solved): Recommendation for a multi-generational workplace tension


(Solved): Recommendation for a multi-generational workplace tension

Write a detailed recommendation(1000 words) to the management of a mid-sized company of approximately 200 people on how to resolve workplace tensions between a multi-generational workforce(Millennials, Generation X, Generation Z and Baby Boomers). The recommendation should be SMART, include a timeline and the costs associated. The recommendation must be about how an escape room concept can be used to foster cooperation and understanding between different generations that are not getting along. The recommendation should address employee retention, motivation and management approach. Use up to 10 peer-reviewed sources that show how companies increased productivity/reduced conflict with the … -use of team sports, -company social events, -how other big companies resolved multigenerational tensions. Estimate the costs of an escape room, how staff will be scheduled, a timeline of how many days it will take, the loss of short term productivity and the estimated productivity in the future.

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