(Solved): Reading response


(Solved): Reading response

Doug Downs, “Rhetoric: Making Sense of Human Interaction and Meaning-Making”” Writing About Writing pp. 457-480 Answer the following: Take three aspects of rhetorical theory discussed in Downs’ article, like ecology, embodiment, one of the five canons, one of the proofs, motivation, knowledge making, kairos, narrative, or values. First, explain each of the three concepts in your own words. Then, apply these concepts to a current topic of discussion in the world. You should be able to find a specific example from a text that you find from a digital source, or a print source. You should find a different example for each rhetorical concepts that you describe. This should be a real example that you observe or read, not a hypothetical example that you create. How does the rhetorical principle help you understand the discussion taking place? Use specific parts from sources you find. Your paper should be 3 pages long and be in proper MLA format.

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