(Solved): Reading Essay revision


(Solved): Reading Essay revision

ESSAY #4 This paper is quite simply an extension of Essay Three. The paper will present the very same thesis-based argument drawn from your close reading of the literature selection you chose. The one important difference between this essay and the third essay is that you will include information from sources outside of the short fiction that you have written about in Essay 3. Essay 4 brings together your own ideas and the ideas of others. As you revise the first version of Essay 3, you must locate three outside sources to include in your essay. You must use a direct quotation from each of the sources; the quotations should back up / reinforce the claim that you are making about your interpretation of some theme or character from your chosen short fiction. Your complete essay should Be 4-5 pages in length Should incorporate at least 3 sources. Include a Works Cited Page Those sources should be from William Carey University library database and should Be formatted according to MLA guidelines including the use of a Works Cited Page Be written in standard edited English —-I have attached the initial paper that will be added on to —- its is already 2-3 pages… so you’ll only need to add another 2-3 pages.

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