(Solved): Racism in Alberta


(Solved): Racism in Alberta

1. Please read the following Position Paper on Racism in Alberta. 2. Please locate another article on the same topic of racism in Canada. Include a hard copy of this article. You are to summarize both separately down to 20-25% of the original word count. Please remember the conventions of this genre. Annotate as you read and keep in mind the following: · Read through the section twice before beginning to identify main points. · If you find it difficult to identify what is important in a passage, ask if or how it contributes to the thesis. · Pay attention to paragraph structures, for example does the author use topic sentences? · Put parentheses around what you know are unimportant details and examples. Remember Seneca College conventions. Please hand in your two summaries and the hard copy of your article on July 10th in class. 

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