(Solved): Public&Private Sector Advantages of the GST at State and National Level Compared to Previous Tax Regime India


(Solved): Public&Private Sector Advantages of the GST at State and National Level Compared to Previous Tax Regime India

Introduction The Introduction chapter should be 1,500 words in length approximately. It sets the scene for the entire thesis, and introduces the topic. In this chapter, the student should outline the focus of the project, and the origins of the research question. The Critical Literature Review should be 3,500 words in length approximately.conduct the literature review to understand the academic conversation on a particular topic or subject and determine what the expert perspective is. The Research Methodology should be 2,500 words in length approximately. explain the paradigm the research approach is located in and the research philosophy guiding the inquiry. The Data Analysis chapter should be 4,500 words in length and contrast their findings with previous studies for consistency, and evaluate the significance of their findings The Conclusion chapter should be 1,000 words in length approximately The Recommendations chapter should be 1,000 words in length approximately. It should consider what recommendations would be made on the basis of the findings of the study and the answer to the research question/objectives/hypotheses posed. The Bibliography of sources should include all sources cited in the dissertation as well as all sources which helped to formulate the approach to the topic, this is not included in the overall word count. All references should be cited using “Cite Them Right”, and dissertations should all conform to this referencing standard. Footnotes and/or Endnotes can be provided if students wish to further elaborate on a particular point made in the text of the dissertation. All references cited in the Bibliography must be in alphabetical order. Students can also include an Appendices which should include a sample of the questionnaire used, interview guides, sample interview transcripts (a minimum of three), or any other secondary documentation referred to in the dissertation. Any material in the appendices in any language other than English must be translated for the benefit of the reader.

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