(Solved): Proposal for Research Paper on Police Brutality


(Solved): Proposal for Research Paper on Police Brutality

Proposal for Research Paper Please create a proposal for your research paper. This essay will consist of six paragraphs and should be approximately 600 – 800 words. Please follow the outline below. Use MLA format. This is NOT an argument but your topic must be an argument topic. It must be controversial. Proposal Essay – Six paragraphs Paragraph 1. Introduction paragraph. Briefly introduce your topic and the issue(s) surrounding it. Paragraph 2. Define the background and history of the topic/issue. What has happened in the past related to your topic? Paragraph 3. Define the current situation and issues. Explain how this is current and relevant now. Paragraph 4. Briefly explain the information you already know about this topic Paragraph 5. Briefly discuss the information that you need to discover. What don’t you know or what do you need to find out? Paragraph 6. Conclusion paragraph. Explain why this topic is important and explain how you will approach it in your research paper. You should be citing sources at this point. Please use MLA format to cite any information used.

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