(Solved): New Trend in e-Marketing, Specific reference to social media


(Solved): New Trend in e-Marketing, Specific reference to social media

Project Background: Rationale for selection – importance and potential impact of the strategic projectfor an organisation or business sector. Word Guide approximately 500 Literature Review: Identification of the key aspects of the business literature (e.g service quality) to be underpin the study. This review should briefly cover the main ideas and business practice that will be considered. It should locate a sample of the some of the main sources and identify key critical issues that might arise. – Word Guide approximately 750. Objectives: Identify 3-4 objective outcomes from the dissertation in terms of what the dissertation seeks to achieve for the organisation or business sector. These objectives should reflect outputs not tasks to be completed and should emphasise the areas for improvement to business performance the dissertation will concentrate on. Methodology: Candidates should include a brief statement as to what they consider the main methods of primary and secondary research are likely to be the most useful to achieving the project outcomes – Approximately 300 words

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