(Solved): New Business Venture as Real Estate Broker


(Solved): New Business Venture as Real Estate Broker

This essay will be on a hypothetical new business venture as a real estate agent/brokerage that you will develop. In a brief essay 450 words or more, provide your selected business venture and share how the use of the Business Model Canvas can help your new business succeed. Be sure to properly cite any resources used in APA format. See the attached grading rubric. Please refer to the following links for the BMC. Development of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) typically begins with the value proposition expressed in terms of the offerings made to meet market/customer needs. This is what distinguishes an enterprise from its competitors. The enterprise created for this paper must have an infrastructure (plan) in place in order to deliver value to the market/customers. Please have the infrastructure include the following in the paper: key activities performed to create a competitive value proposition; key resources that are necessary to create customer value; and key partners that deliver customer value indirectly or directly via collaboration with them. Please make sure the paper exceeds all expectations on the grading rubric enclosed.

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