(Solved): Needs to be created


(Solved): Needs to be created

The influence of money on the characters Interpreting this theory as it is a lens from the novel “ No country for old men,” by Cormac McCarthy. What argument can be seen?Argument/interpretation must be crafted out. A title A thesis that asserts an original, specific argument based off Marxist Literary theory 3-4 sentences summary of the novel Context for novel or theory Strong topic sentences that provides explanation of the point of each body paragraph, specific textual examples from novel or secondary sources conveyed through quotation, paraphrase or summary. Explanations of all contextual examples , analysis / interpretations which reinforce the unity and coherence of your thesis. A conclusion that offers readers a profound thought 5 outside sources, MLA format Include 2 primary sources which cover the literary theory ( works by the creator of the theory) MLA work cited.

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