(Solved): Mock Meeting Reports – Business Team Building and Leadership


(Solved): Mock Meeting Reports – Business Team Building and Leadership

Read the Attached PDF. Use it as a guide to write a Mock Meeting Report based on the questions below. Write 3 One page reports with the same questions below. 1. Report on any successes or challenges you faced while implementing the commitments you made at your last meeting. (If this is your first SNT meeting, write ‘first meeting’ here) * 2. Please state your goal. Make sure your goal is SMART. *S*pecific: Avoid generalities! Your goal should have specific details so you know what you’re achieving. *M*easurable: Make sure you have solid criteria for establishing your progress toward your goal. *A*chievable: It doesn’t have to be simple or easy, but it should be possible. *R*ewarding: Your goal must be something that is meaningful and worthwhile. *T*imely: Having specific dates for beginning and finishing goals keeps you on track. 3. Based on the ideas and feedback you received from your team, what action steps have you committed to taking by your next meeting? * 4. How have the SNT meetings helped you achieve your goals or changed your life? 

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