(Solved): Midterm Reflection


(Solved): Midterm Reflection

From Professor: Your reflection should read like a mini-essay and answer the questions below fluidly, linking together ideas, rather than just numbering off different sections and answering only the corresponding question. It should be between 750-1000 words. You don’t have to answer each question. Instead, use them as prompts to reflect on your work. 1) How do you see your work as a writer? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are the major characteristics of your writing? Do you use one of the rhetorical appeals with particular skill, or are you a master of balancing them perfectly? Are you amazing at coming up with titles or hooks? Is your hashtag game totally on point? You can interpret this question as broadly as you like. 2) What are some of your personal writing goals for the remainder of the course or beyond? Do you want to master comma usage? Do you want to finally get a hang of writing conclusions? Do you want to publish a novel by 30? How do you plan to achieve those goals? Be as specific as possible.

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