(Solved): Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Looks to Future Beyond Windows


(Solved): Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Looks to Future Beyond Windows

Having read Chapter 6 in your course text, you should now be familiar with the concepts of planning, strategy, and a competitive advantage. It is now time to examine the case of “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Looks to Future Beyond Windows.” See Chapter 6 of your course text. Submit a 300 – to 700- word paper which answers all of the following questions: What kind of planning missteps helped cause Microsoft’s decline over the past few years? How is Nadella trying to eliminate some of the bureaucracy that has hurt the company’s ability to innovate? What business strategies has Nadella implemented that will help revitalize the technology giant? Application Assignments must be in AWE style and format. Information on AWE is available from your instructor and at the Walden Writing Center. Note: In addition to fully answering the assignment’s questions, each Assignment will be evaluated for clarity of writing, critical analysis of the issues, proper use of references to support the positions taken, and adherence to APA standards. Also see this assignment’s rubric, provided in the section below.

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