(Solved): M2.1 exploring other cultures communication for professional


(Solved): M2.1 exploring other cultures communication for professional

Read the text of this sample letter opens in a new window to the online program director at Empire State College from an organization in Indonesia. What can you determine about the author of and the audience for the letter? What is the author’s purpose? What parts of the letter help you understand the author’s purpose? Consider how the author’s style of communication is like or unlike business letters that you are familiar with. Write notes about your observations before moving on to the next steps. Then do some brief research on Indonesian culture. If you search the Internet for “doing business in Indonesian culture,” you’ll find multiple short articles. Read one. What are some main characteristics of doing business in this culture that you see exemplified in this letter? Discuss the following: What specific characteristics of Indonesian culture do you need to know in order to respond appropriately, with this particular cultural context in mind? If you were to respond, offer one specific sentence or strategy that you might take, given what you learned from the sample letter and your brief research. What generalizations can you make about the communication process if you encounter similar situations with other cultures in the future? You are to create your initial response to the prompt and post this in the discussion by Thursday. Once you have done this, you should respond to, a minimum, of two peers’ posts by asking questions, making comments that further the discussion, debating their view point, pointing out differences, or bringing in the material you have read. The idea is to engage in an exchange of ideas that fosters critical thinking and helps everyone learn more about what is being discussed.

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