(Solved): Literature Review- Product Sourcing Agents for Global Supply Chain


(Solved): Literature Review- Product Sourcing Agents for Global Supply Chain

I need to complete a case study project to fulfill graduate requirement of my Master of Science program. My company is a sourcing agent in Hong Kong, it is the sourcing branch of a German department store. The business of it is to source products for its headquarter. For example, we will get the fashion design sketch from designers in German Headquarter then the Hong Kong branch will be responsible to search for factory, raw material and then manage the production process (manufacturing is outsourced to China or Asia countries) to make sure we have the correct product, quantity and deliver on time. The Hong Kong branch would collect 4% of the total order as a service charge. I would like to start with the literature review, and the literature review should cover all the listed topics and sub-topics on the outline document. Some rules to follow: 1. Word count for the literature review: 2300-2500 (excluding ref.) 2. No. of reference cited:18-25 3. Source of reference must be peer reviewed and MUST NOT be website (except peer reviewed journal posted on website) 4.

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