(Solved): Literary Argumentation Essay


(Solved): Literary Argumentation Essay

You must argue about a story, poem, or play from our textbook or approved list. 2. Your essay should be a minimum of 1,000-1,200 words or approx. 4 to 5 typed double-spaced pages, including the Works Cited and Annotated Bibliography. It is worth 25% of your total grade. (Minimum=Grade C) 3. Your essay will include a separate Works Cited of your sources and a separate Annotated Bibliography of same sources (that means YOU WILL SUBMIT THREE PARTS for your essay!) 4. Your essay should include a minimum of three reliable and credible sources (use lit crit from library databases) as evidence and a Works Cited page listing those resources. You can include material from legitimate websites and other reliable sources above and beyond the needed critical library sources. Remember: “minimum” means at least passing. You must use MLA to document your resources. If you use APA, get ready for a shakedown and a failing grade!! Use the correct MLA formatting for your Works Cited page and essay’s parenthetical citations. 5. Your essay must take a stand on ONE SIDE OF A LITERARY ISSUE OR CLAIM and acknowledge alternative views (aka counterarguments). Analyze those opposing views by rebutting or refuting in support of your position. If the counterarguments are solid, then concede them and move on quickly. 7. Watch out for logical fallacies and statements that may sound reasonable and true, but are deceptive and dishonest. We will review logical fallacies before the due date.

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