(Solved): Linear Regression and Simple Exponential Smoothing case


(Solved): Linear Regression and Simple Exponential Smoothing case

Excel Analysis Conduct accurate and complete Linear Regression analysis in Excel. Use Excel support to find information on linear regression in Excel: Written Report Length requirements: 4–5 pages minimum (not including Cover and Reference pages). NOTE: You must submit 4–5 pages of written discussion and analysis. This means that you should avoid use of tables and charts as “space fillers.” Provide a brief introduction to/background of the problem. Your written (in Word) analysis should discuss the logic and rationale used to develop the LR equation and chart. Provide complete, meaningful, and accurate recommendation(s) concerning how the New Star Grocery Company might use the LR equation to forecast future sales. (For example, how reliable is the LR equation in predicting future sales?) What other recommendations do you have for the client? Write clearly, simply, and logically. Use double-spaced, black Verdana or Times Roman font in 12 pt. type size. Have an introduction at the beginning to introduce the topics and use keywords as headings to organize the report. Avoid redundancy and general statements such as “All organizations exist to make a profit.” Make every sentence count. Paraphrase the facts using your own words and ideas, employing quotes sparingly. Quotes, if absolutely necessary, should rarely exceed five words.

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