(Solved): Legalizing marijuana


(Solved): Legalizing marijuana

Essay 3: Argumentative Paper Objectives: Objective 2: The student will understand the importance of specifying audience and purpose as well as appropriate communication choices. Objective 5: The student will demonstrate basic critically thinking, problem solving, and technical proficiency in the development of exposition and argument. Objective 6: The student will research and evaluate secondary sources in order to produce a documented essay following the MLA style guidelines. You will write a well argumentative paper about the topic you chose. This will require some preparation. You must take a clear and discernible stance on the issue (Your thesis or claim). You must state one reason why you support your issue or why you are against the issue. An outline will be provided for you. You will need to incorporate a secondary source to support your argument. Without doing this, your essay will not be a well constructive argument. 1 Secondary Source Format of the paper • 12 point type (no smaller and not larger) • Double space (do not quadruple space between paragraphs) • Works Cited and parenthetical citations • Sources are credible sources (Refer to the file entitled source to help you find the sources you need for your paper. • Use the header space for you last name and page numbers except on the first page • Appropriate and pertinent title is needed • MLA heading (Name, Class, teacher, Date) do not place this information in the header. Place this heading on the left hand side on the first page. • 2 pages plus workcited page. • If you choose to type in your paper in the assignment drop box it is an automatic 50 as a grade. • Turn in paper 3 as an attachment through the assignment drop box. • If your paper does not have any parenthetical citations it is an automatic 50 for your grade. Check list before submit you paper A. Is there a thesis statement B. Are there transitions C. Double space (no extra spaces between paragraphs!) D. Correct heading(Top left hand corner: MLA Format) Name Date English 1301 Argumentative essay E. Are paragraphs indented F. Font size 12 G. Topic sentences in paragraphs H. Intext citations(Paraphrase and quote)(MLA format) I. Did you address the prompt Outcomes: Outcome 1:Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes. Outcome 2:Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution. Outcome 3:Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose. Outcome 4:Read, reflect, and response critically to a variety of texts. Outcome 5:Use Edited American English in academic essays.

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